Whenever possible, we will schedule a walk-through visit with you. It is important to show us everything you plan to move during the walk-through, as your estimate is based on the items we see and this determines not only the size of container or truck but how much time and men your job will require. The estimate includes full and professional packing of your belongings to get them ready for the upcoming sea, air or land transport. Adding items to your move is never a good idea but sometimes unavoidable. If this happens after we have provided an estimate, you should inform us immediately, as this influences many factors and possibly increases the cost of your move.


Your move is booked, as soon as you agree to the estimate and your move is scheduled.


We will find the best suitable date for your move. Our calendar fills up quickly. Please contact us immediately if need to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that IMS would have to reschedule due to inclement weather or force majeure, we will contact you to find a good alternate date.


Please reserve the elevator for the day of your move with your building supervisor. Let us know in advance of the move of any time restrictions, parking or access difficulties or certificate of insurance requirements from the building that we must provide.


We accept Wire Transfers, Cash, Check, US Postal Money Order, Credit/Debit Cards incur 3% surcharge.


We use our own equipment and trucks. During busy months or in case of a breakdown we will have to rent a truck or equipment for the job. This will not influence your estimated cost.


The packing material is included in our estimate. We will supply you with packing material before your move if you want to pack some items yourself. Ask us if your location is within our delivery radius.


There is nothing we cannot handle, but sometimes there are items, such as pianos, safes, exercise equipment, etc., requiring special equipment. Our professionals will point those out to you during our visit and let you know when there is an additional charge.


Items such as decorations, statues, TVs, paintings and prints might need crating for safe transport. IMS professionals will inform you if crating is needed and the extra charge for that service.


We recommend that any valuables such as passports, documents, medicine, jewelry, and currency always travel with you. On packing and moving days, please keep those safely in a place where they cannot be packed by mistake. Clearly mark that place “do not pack” or “NO” to avoid any mistakes. IMS will not be liable for lost valuables. Jewelry and Fine Art cannot be covered by insurance except by complying with special conditions- ask your representative for the special conditions


There are U.S. restrictions and regulations for the transport of firearms. Also special conditions may apply depending where you are moving to. Inform us during the walk-through so we can find whether or not you can take your firearm with you. Ask us for a list of prohibited items for export and check your destination country for a listing of currently prohibited items for import.


We will assemble or disassemble your furniture (also furniture made of pressed/compressed wood, such as IKEA). Screws, etc. will be placed in a separate box and clearly marked, so that it is easily found at destination. Numerous assemblies for some furniture items can result in damages to the furniture that we cannot be held responsible for.


We will disconnect and/or reconnect your appliances per your request, as long as they have the necessary connections and comply with our voltage requirements and do not require special services or tools.


Although IMS strives to be punctual, traffic or other unforeseeable factors can influence arrival times. In the event we are running late, we will call you as soon as possible to the phone number you provided. Please make sure to give us a number you will be reachable on moving day.


There may be additional charges not included in the original estimate. Extra pickups and/or deliveries, removal and /or replacement of doors, packing done at the request of the shipper, and any service considered out of the scope of the quote. If you are unsure, please call us before you request the special service. We will answer your questions.


Although our movers are as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. The job supervisor will do a walk-through with you when the job is completed. Damages must be noted on the report. Should you discover damages after the crew has left, please contact the office immediately.

Insurance liability of IMS Inc will not exceed $ 0.30 per pound per article, except when required to increase that to $ 0.60 or $ 1.25 per pound per article by statute. Full value insurance is available for purchase at rates to be determined on the estimate.



Please read the exclusion list carefully. In case of doubt, IMS Inc. is here to answer your questions, so you better understand why some items are excluded.

  •  Any items that were packed by the customer and not by our movers cannot be covered for damages unless obvious damage to the packing carton is noted.

Reason: We cannot be sure how the box, crate or bin was packed and if it was packed correctly. Some boxes may have been used several times and their structure may not be adequate to prevent damage.

  • Any furniture items not adequately wrapped or packed for protection (based on customer refusal).

Reason: Furniture protection is important in order to ensure that your items are packed safely for transport.

  • Special care items, such as glass tops, mirrors or high value items without proper packing and preparation.

Reason: Some items must be crated or packed in original boxes before shipment for proper protection. IMS Inc. refuses to insure special care items without proper packing or crating.

  • Clay Pots are not covered under any circumstances.

Reason: Cracks sometimes are not visible to the eye and any bumps during transport could cause them to break.Therefore we will not be held responsible for any kind of planters/pots made of clay, porcelain, ceramic or glass.

  • Jewelry and Fine Art – Cannot be covered by insurance except by complying with special conditions - ask your representative for the special conditions.


Despite the long list of exclusions and limitations; we may cover items that we knowingly or without dispute damage. Coverage is provided on all items (except for the ones mentioned on the exclusion list) dropped or damaged on site or while in the possession of our movers up to the limit of our liability.


Occasionally it may not be possible to place items where you would like them without possible damage to the items or premises. IMS Inc. will not attempt to bring your items to their desired location unless a release of liability has been signed.


We reserve the right not to service you under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages.



Please contact us with questions. We would love to hear from you CONTACT US

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